Your Fitness Journey Starts Here!

I am determined to help all of my clients find their inner strength, mental endurance and physicality.

My Specialized Style Of Workouts

As a fitness coach, my goal is to help people find their inner confidence and strength through a wellness-centered lifestyle.


We safely and accurately build up your flexibility which in turn will allow you to grow into other core areas.


Training your muscles to assist your form is key! We make sure to  focus on training areas that will  keep you safe as you grow.

Strength Training

Increasing your entire body’s overall strength will start to show and feel  dramatic results.

Muscle Building

Build long-lasting muscle that not only is powerful but will enhance every aspect of your movements.


We start by increasing your mobility. When it’s coupled with the right exercise and duration, helps your foundation.

Increase Endurance

Endurance is a pillar of overall training. We work to enhance this area and continue to build your foundation.

Resistance Training

We will focus on multiple facets of muscle strength by teaching resistance training safely and properly.

Nutrition Guidance

Work with me directly to learn and enhance your knowledge on food. I’ll share how its impacts your workouts and lifestyle.

My commitment

Let Me Help Take You To Your Next Level

I am committed to discovering the best version of you by creating personalized workout programs with nutritional guidance. I use my specialization in injury prevention techniques, functional training, weight loss and strength building to recognize road blocks that may be preventing you from achieving your lifelong changes.

With consistency and discipline applied to the workouts, I want to strengthen your mind and body to lead you to a better lifestyle.

Let’s connect so that I can offer you my first service, Coach Kristina’s Assessment & Recommendation Plan.

My Satisfied Clients

Featured Reviews
"Kristina is an amazing trainer. She pours her heart into helping you reach your health and fitness goals, helps to push you outside your comfort zone and encourages you along your journey. She has incredible knowledge and truly knows how to encourage you in the right ways. With her expertise in the health & fitness space, her encouragement and her heart you will no doubt be in the best hands!"
"Kristina is fantastic. Through consistent and positive feedback and encouragement, she retrained my attitude while I retrained my body. She knows just how and when to encourage and when to push, though never too much. In a short time, I gained the confidence that my running pace will improve. Kristina instilled that confidence. She is easy going, friendly personality creates a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere. Kristina is skilled, thoughtful, motivating, and a pleasure to work with and talk to.!"
"My husband and I met Coach Kristina a couple years ago when we joined a small local Interval Training facility. After we consulted with her, we are amazed at how personalized Coach Kristina plans were for us. We are fifty-nine and sixty-two years young, are marathon runners that need more emphasis on mobility, stability and cross training. We are committed!"
"Kristina tailors my workout specifically for me to help reach my goals, makes sure I use proper form and technique, keeps the workouts challenging and is creative while motivating and encouraging me in the session. Training with Kristina is one of the BEST decisions I have made!"
"I have been an active person all my life, mostly doing cardio, because I’ve always enjoyed it. As I turned 50, I hesitantly joined a gym realizing I needed strength training. I was intimidated by the weights and exercises. Lucky for me, I met coach Kristina. Right away I could tell she cared about me, my goals, and my success. Her friendly and easy demeanor paired with her confident direction and knowledge instantly put me at ease. Kristina made the overwhelming easy to break down, her support hard to ignore and her energy contagious. She paid attention to my progress, she stepped in to correct my form and keep me from injury and she was always ready to encourage me. My gym visits quickly became the funniest part of my day - knowing I’d be stepping in not only to a friendly smile but also to someone that would hold me accountable and would make that hour something to be proud of."
"Though she be but little, she is fierce!"
-William Shakespeare

That's what I think of Kristina. Don't let her small frame fool you. She constantly kicked my butt. She is excellent at figuring out my weaknesses and making them stronger. Shes also superb at figuring out what motivates me and drives me. She cheers me on and pushes me to work harder, knowing just what I need to achieve my goals. There are times I kinda dislike her in the sweaty moment, but somehow at the end of the workout I want to hug her. I truely feel she wants me to be a better person. Shes a great personal trainer. "
"Kristina has a warm and caring personality that makes workouts fun while helping you achieve your fitness goals. She trains the whole person- mentally, emotionally, and physically. She knows how and when to encourage and when to push, but not too hard. She's got a ton of health and fitness knowledge in several areas including running, weight training, and nutrition."
"Kristina Has Great Energy!​ She is always so upbeat, motivating, knowledgeable and encouraging. She will go above and beyond to help you accomplish your goals! That is exactly what you want in a trainer!​"
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